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The world's first design systems workbook for Figma

Learn how to build your own design system from scratch by doing exercises in Figma

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Learn by doing

Figmaster plugin is a workbook for Figma that contains a large set of exercises on how to build your modern design system from scratch.

By doing exercises in Figma, you learn and create your guide style and component library simultaneously. It is a format that will help you get the most out of each lesson. By learning - you create, and by the way, you get to know keyboard shortcuts, plugins, and techniques of working in Figma that will speed up your workflow. Everything happens in Figma - no distractions.


What you will learn

In Figmaster, you will learn how to create a design system from scratch in Figma. The Figmaster is purely and simply about practice, so you can start using acquired knowledge right away.

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Module 1

Style Guide

In the first module, we'll create design tokens and convert them into Figma Styles. We'll prepare the icon library for the entire system. We'll also set up some spacing rules that we'll follow in the next modules. The module contains 8 chapters.

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Module 2


In the second module, we'll use the Styles, icons, and rules from the previous module to create the components. We'll use auto layout and variants to build pixel-perfect components. The module contains 18 chapters.

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Module 3


In the third module, we'll create documentation components and frames. Then, we'll document our components and styles. You will also learn how to use auto layout to build a documentation page in Figma. The module contains 11 chapters.

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Module 4

Use it

In the fourth module, we'll build a simple UI with our design system. I'll also show you how to customize it for your needs. That is, change the colors, typography, or component properties to match your product or brand requirements. The module contains 5 chapters.

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Module 5

Team license bonus*

In the last module, I'll show you how to work with a design system we created in a team. You'll also learn how to onboard new designers to the library. As a bonus, you'll also get access to additional resources on design systems, such as links, articles, book recommendations, etc.
*only available in the team license


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Learn more about the Figmaster and explore the table of contents to check what's inside

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What you will build

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Figmaster Design System

In the course, you will learn how to build a design system like this one from scratch. You will get access to the full system too. Preview it in Figma to learn what's inside.

The author

Matt Wierzbicki

My name is Matt Wierzbicki, and I am a product designer specializing in creating comprehensive design systems for Figma. I'm the creator of the Ant Design System for Figma, Ant Design Charts for Figma, Product Design Kit for Figma, UX Toolkit for Figma, and the co-founder of SystemFlow. Up until now, I've built dozens of systems, including client work and side projects.

If you are wondering how I'm finding the time to do freelance work and all these projects after hours, it's simple. The products I'm doing, I create for my own workflow - to help me deliver client work faster. In Figmaster, I want to show you how to use Figma to achieve the same results. I want to teach you Figma so you can use it like Chopin used to play the piano.


How it will help you


UI Designers

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    Improve your workflow with your own design system
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    Easily transition from other UI tools to Figma
  • check
    Learn how to build complex components
  • check
    Document your components and styles
  • check
    Earn passive income by selling your own UI kits

Design Teams

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    Improve the quality and consistency of the projects
  • check
    Create and work on a design system in a team
  • check
    Onboard new designers to the Figma environment
  • check
    Educate your team
  • check
    Onboard designers with hearing disabilities thanks to accessible plugin

UX Designers

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    Convert your wireframes and user journeys into beautiful designs
  • check
    Learn how to work with Figma efficiently
  • check
    Improve your design skills and make your projects consistent and documented
  • check
    Stop relying on UI designers and do your own pixel-perfect designs


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    Create your own design system from scratch without relying on designers
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    Keep your designs consistent, accessible and well-documented
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    Learn how to create beautiful components and designs
  • check
    Improve your workflow
Figmaster - Build your design system by doing exercises in Figma | Product Hunt

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Get your digital Certificate of Completion

After finishing the Figmaster course you'll get your Certificate of Completion that you can share with the world!

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    You will get a digital certificate of completion with your name on it
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    The certificate will be hosted on the Figmaster domain
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    You can share the link to it on your social media
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    You can add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile in the certifications section. Certifications are a great way to showcase your knowledge and professional achievements on your profile
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